Preschool Piano

Beginning piano instruction usually is given to children varying in age from about 7 to 11 years old. BUT not in My Piano JourneyI have students age from 3.5 years old to adults. However, according to the author Bastien, the age of beginners varies for a number of reasons: children request lessons at different ages; parents purchase pianos at varying times; and parents and teachers have diverse opinions regarding on appropriate beginning age! Even the famous author of piano method book recognize that different piano teacher will tell you different "best age" to start piano lesson!

In my experience, I interviewed a 6-years old boy who is not ready at all, and I also have 4 years-old girl who is very attentive to lesson! The main consideration for an optimum beginning age is a readiness level which varies from child to child. Thus, in order to tell if your child is ready to start piano lesson, here is some guideline:
1. Can he read/ to track from left to right?
2. Can he concentrate and sit still for at least 10 minutes?
3. Can he read 12345 and ABCDEFG?
4. Can he use scissors?
5. Can he color fairly well "within the lines"?
6. Can he respond to music he hears by dancing or moving to it?

When you answer "YES" to all above questions, then I will give one free lesson to find out these ------
7. Can he find two black keys on piano?
8. Can he name finger numbers on fingers?
9. Can he learn at least 3 songs during the first free lesson?
10. Can he clap according to the beats?

However, a spontaneous interest may indicate that your child has reached the best time to start lessons. Moreover, experience has shown that once this time has passed, it may be lost forever. Most children benefit from an early beginning. The later your child starts, the more difficult it will be to avoid conflicts of homework and extracurricular activities. However, it is never too late to start; this fact is proven by a vast number of teenagers and adults beginning lessons.

In his book "A Parent's Guide To Piano Lessons", the author Bastien stated in page 14:

Special consideration must be given here to very young beginners: three-, four-, five-years old. Head Start programs and TV programs such as Sesame Street have taught us the advantage of early learning. Introductory structured learning may aid the preschool child in understanding basic concepts and simple reasoning processes. Early music lessons, in addition to teaching purely musical facts, will train the child in principles of reasoning which may be carried over into other learning experiences. Also, developmental sensory-motor skills assimilated through piano study will generally aid the child in coordination of small and large muscles. 
If your child shows genuine interest in music at an early age, seek a teacher who has had experience teaching this age group; the average piano teacher may not be proficient in the teaching of young children. If your child begins lessons at an early age, be prepared to work with him, because he probably will not be able to read words. 

Preschool piano is a special area which is still new to Orange County.
 Not a lot of piano teachers are willing to take children who is younger than 5 years old. Come to My Piano Journey! I have numerous students who is younger than 5!

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