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Certificate of Merit year 2019 results

Congratulations to CM2019 students! CM2019 results - CMTop5Scholarship receiver - Zara, Casey, Tannush, Jade, Mia (will start July 2019) Last year was - Zara, Sara, Zane, Abhi, Leah (will discontinue July 2019) Special Congratulations to Ayushi, Jared and Jade for completing CM Level 10 (Advanced). It is not easy!!! Thank you for being dedicated students! State Honor for Ayushi Casey Jade Mei Mia Shyanne Tannush Teddy Zara Branch Honor for Mia and Jade Advanced Medallion - Jade Hi Teacher Sue, Joyce and I believe that if it’s not for you, we don’t think Jade can reach this accomplishment.  This is why we know Mei will be the same. So, thank you for your dedication and hard work. It takes a special kind of person to do what you do and our family is blessed to find your business card in 99 ranch more than a decade ago. As discussed, we will have Jade continue on with Piano.  Joyce and I are also think