Certificate of Merit year 2019 results

Congratulations to CM2019 students!

CM2019 results -

CMTop5Scholarship receiver -
Zara, Casey, Tannush, Jade, Mia
(will start July 2019)

Last year was - Zara, Sara, Zane, Abhi, Leah (will discontinue July 2019)

Special Congratulations to Ayushi, Jared and Jade for completing CM Level 10 (Advanced). It is not easy!!! Thank you for being dedicated students!

State Honor for

Branch Honor for Mia and Jade

Advanced Medallion - Jade

Hi Teacher Sue,
Joyce and I believe that if it’s not for you, we don’t think Jade can reach this accomplishment.  This is why we know Mei will be the same. So, thank you for your dedication and hard work. It takes a special kind of person to do what you do and our family is blessed to find your business card in 99 ranch more than a decade ago.
As discussed, we will have Jade continue on with Piano.  Joyce and I are also thinking of the possibility of Jade assisting you with any of your Piano Task.  Maybe not during the school year, but during summer or vacation breaks. It’s not for her to make money, but for her to be able to use her piano skills by helping and teaching others.  I’m sure it will be beneficial for her personal development. Jade doesn’t know yet, but we just want to hear from you if you think it’s an option. It does not have to be “consistent”, it’s just like you have your own “on call” assistant.   We still don’t know how she will react to this too. Anyway, please let us know your thoughts on this.
Thanks again for everything Teacher Sue.  Nice website!
Bok and Joyce

Hi Bok and Joyce!
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I really appreciate it! I am really not sure what to assign to Jade!! Since I been doing ALL by myself. LOL
I think I do not need an assistant. However, I really think she should venture out about teaching beginners if she is interest in it. You can spread the news and have her to teach one or two kids at your home. She is welcome to ask me any questions about teaching. Yes, teaching would be beneficial for her personal development. I would be more happy to see her teach than to see her becoming my assistant. For me, office work is boring!!
So, what you think?


Hi Sue,
You are assuming Jared will pass CM 10 😁.
But in any case, if he pass or not, he expressed that he wants to continue.  May be venture to different styles and explore. Lindsey will continue as well.  If you think it’s best for 30 minutes, it’s fine with me.
I just have to let you know that we will be on vacation from 3/30 to 4/7 so we won’t be able to make it that Thursday.  
Thank you and see you tonight.

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Hello Ms. Sue,
Thanks for the update on class credits.
I am very grateful for your guidance and support for Ayushi during her musical journey. She loves playing piano and is interested in continuing her education in piano.

Have a great day!

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