By Products of taking piano lessons

The vast majority of my students won't go on to become professional musicians in any sense of the word (teaching, performing, composing, etc.) but will not only become adults that will hopefully have an outlet for stress be being able to play piano in leisure time.
In piano lessons, they learn......

-They learn the skills necessary to have discipline to see a project through to the end

-They learn important problem-solving skills and the use of creativity in effective problem-solving skills, a skill necessary for a successful leader

-They get the undivided, one-on-one attention of a caring adult for 30 or 45 minutes per week. While it's not much, it's something that kids really appreciate. No matter the age, students some to me and sometimes they just need to talk about whatever is on their mind. I let them, listen, and respond. And then once they vent they are able to concentrate on the music and leave the studio feeling refreshed.

-They learn how to act under pressure. It's not just about preparation for a performance, but what you do when mistakes happen, understand that everything is a process and so you can refine for the next time around. So many children today are taught there is a right or wrong, and so only perfection shows improvement. But there's no such thing as perfection in music or performing. You have to learn how to prepare well, yes, but you also have to respond to unexpected things that no preparation in the world can help you cope with. And to do with poise. This again, is a skill that a leader needs in the workplace and one hat will make them successful.

Where else are they getting this?

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